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HER Time Announces Digital Programs in Four Key Texas Races

HER Time Mobilizing Young Women to Help Turn Texas Blue


Washington, D.C. -- HER Time, the political action committee founded by Rep. Katie Hill, today launched digital programs in four key Texas congressional races -- Candace Valenzuela (TX-24), Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23), Wendy Davis (TX-21) and Lulu Seikaly (TX-03). Texas is in play for Democrats this cycle, and HER Time is supporting women who can win and help turn Texas blue.


The digital program is based on research done by HER Time, determining what motivates young women ages 18 to 39 in these swing congressional districts. This research showed that there is more that moves these women than the broader themes playing out in races across the country, like populism and taking on Washington. Instead, our research showed that young women are motivated to vote for candidates who prioritize issues that uniquely impact them, including a focus on economic security (equal pay, family leave, affordable childcare) and fighting for equality (access to abortion and birth control and protections from sexual harassment, assault and domestic violence.) 


Click here to see the digital ads HER Time is running in these four target races.


“Candace Valenzuela, Gina Ortiz Jones, Wendy Davis, and Lulu Seikaly are all champions for economic security and women’s equality. Our research shows that by communicating with young women on these issues, which uniquely impact their lives and futures, we can encourage more people to vote and help turn Texas blue,” said Rep. Katie Hill. “HER Time was founded not just to support women running for office, but to mobilize young women around the country. This digital program seeks to do both.”


HER Time is focusing our efforts in Texas, as the state has become far more competitive with rapidly increasing turnout, especially in the early vote. In just 8 days of the early vote thus far, Texas is at 5,315,655 votes cast, likely passing the early vote totals for 2008 and 2012 today, with 11 more days to go.




HER Time is a political action committee started by Rep. Katie Hill. HER Time’s mission is to support women and young people, mobilize and support a generation of young women and help to inspire, to help build a future in which we no longer have to imagine what it would look like to have full equality and representation. More information about HER Time can be found at

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