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When I ran for Congress, I was motivated by the women and young people in my life who were feeling hopeless. The people who woke up every single day uncertain how they were going to pay for their rent and their health care, who couldn't count on the people with power in this country to do anything about it. I ran for office to be their voice -- to help dismantle the power structures that for too long have been holding us back. 


And while I may no longer be their voice in Congress, our work still continues. There's so much we still need to do to ensure everyone's voices - and our priorities - are being heard. The people who supported me in this journey deserve nothing less. 


HER Time will support women and young people -- often the long-shot candidates who have the vision and drive needed to make lasting systemic change -- who don't yet have the resources that come with being a proven or established politician. 

HER Time will mobilize and support a generation of young women and allies to help them break through those final glass ceilings, one crack at a time -- so we can once and for all claim our own power by voting, getting involved in politics, and running for office.


What happened to me was horrific, and it was a harsh reminder of how women in power and politics still have so far to go and so much to overcome.


HER Time's work - my work - is to ensure that my experience never deters other young women from running for office and getting engaged, and instead does the opposite.


HER Time will help to inspire, to question the roadblocks we face and to tear it all down and rebuild a future in which we no longer have to imagine what it would look like to have full equality and representation.


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Her Time
About Katie



Katie Hill was elected to Congress from California’s 25th Congressional District in 2018 as one of the youngest members of the historic freshman class that flipped the House. She was elected by her colleagues to be the Freshman Co-Representative to Leadership, served as the Vice Chair for the House Oversight and Reform Committee and on the powerful House Armed Services Committee.

The daughter of a registered nurse and police officer, before serving in Congress, Katie worked as Executive Director of PATH (People Assisting The Homeless), the largest homeless services organization in California. Under Katie’s leadership, in just four years, PATH helped more than 7,000 chronically homeless individuals, veterans, and families make it off the streets into permanent housing. During her time in office, Katie continued to prioritize the issue of housing, as Vice-Chair of the New Democratic Housing Task Force.

Hill resigned from Congress in 2019 after a coordinated cyber-attack by Republican political operatives and right-wing media outlets were launched against her. Now, Katie is using her platform to support young women running for office, advocate for legislation to address cyber exploitation and other issues that disproportionately affect young women, and transform our political system into one that ensures true equality through equal representation. 

HER Time Well Spent

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